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Learning How to Hit a Bong Well

Several people are consuming cannabis. People consume cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes. Marijuana intake has been legalized in most of the states. Thus essential for a person to understand the process of taking cannabis for it follows steps. These steps are important for the ensure that one has hit the bong properly. However one is supposed to know that the bong is composed of several parts. The bowl is usually the first part of the bong. A bowl part is a bulb-shaped attachment that holds the dried cannabis flower. This part can be as well as removable. The second part of the bong is the carb. The carb is usually the small hole in the big. This hole in the bong allows one to clear smoke from the chamber and complete the bong hit.

The part which permits the smoke to move from the bowl to the base is referred to as the down stem. The base is mainly the bottom of the bong, and it is bubble shaped. the smoke is cooled down in this part for it create water chamber. The last part of the bong is usually the tube that ends in the mouthpiece. Once the smoke has been filtered this part gets filled with that smoke. Now that one has learned all the parts that make up a bong learning how to hit one is important. Putting the dried cannabis flower on the bowl and lighting it is the first step of one hitting it properly. Once a person as lightening the bowl one should place the mouth inside the opening of the top of the bong. Once the mouth is inside the opening one is supposed to sunk in but do not inhale. At this point water bubbles are usually noticed as well as smoke rising.

After the first step which is sinking the smoke without inhaling one is now supposed to inhaling the smoke. Getting rid of the stem from the hole is what is required in this second step and ensuring that all the smoke is needed out of the bong to the lungs. Taking two inhales is advisable especially if all the smoke cannot be done with just one inhale. The last step that is required when hitting the bong is holding the smoke for as long as one can. One can have the smoke after they have held it for as long as they can.